Compliance Data Systems Kft. has set itself the goal of developing an intelligent digital assistant system that uses innovative artificial intelligence (NLP, voice to text, semantic search engine in Hungarian, chatbot) to build and manage an automated, industry-specific document library.  

It is a global problem that the information you are looking for is available somewhere, but in the constantly growing amount of information, it becomes more and more difficult to quickly find the appropriate data we need. At the moment, there is no common interface where it would be possible to search efficiently from a wide range of sources at the same time. A scenario that usually occurs in various departments of companies, for example Helpdesk, Information Security, Law, IT, Compliance: a question, issue, or problem arises that needs to be rectified immediately, but for this we need information. It is also possible to specify the sources from which this information can come, e.g. product documentation from manufacturers, suppliers, guides, legislation, websites, articles, videos, audio materials, etc.

We plan to implement the research and development of a digital assistant that would be able to simultaneously search for and present the appropriate information from each of the above types of sources, regardless of their appearance, that we would like to utilize during our daily problem-solving work processes.

In our project, we want to create an expert platform that collects and complements the English and Hungarian expert materials on the above topic, automatically structuring them using the most modern artificial intelligence-based sorting and document classification technologies. 

The end result of the development is an intelligent IT Security assistant that will significantly support the above-mentioned process; it saves the user time and energy, and at the same time increases productivity and efficiency.

The official press release is available at the following link: