In addition to the integration of security solutions, we also provide IT security consulting for our customers, which has made our portfolio even more complex and diverse. Our many years of professional experience enables us to conduct professional audits for large-volume institutions as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in the light of legal or standard compliance, as well as to effectively reduce the extent of revealed deficiencies and risks.

Our engineers have several years of expertise in the products of many manufacturers’ portfolios, so we are ready to provide high-level technological consulting and support before, during, or in connection with a product that has already been introduced. Our vendor partner contracts allow us to provide our customers with official resolutions directly from the vendor regarding the products of the vendors in our portfolio.

According to our more than ten years of supplier experience, one of the most important pillars of security solutions, in addition to proper planning, is the accurate documentation of systems with version tracking, as well as the preparation of the well-known business continuity and disaster plans (BCP/DRP), as well as their actual assessment and implementation. Typically, the availability of this information technology is critical for business. Taking IT risks into account, we treat their preparation with utmost importance, since the development of information security policies can only be based on them, and they can be enforced both inside and outside the organization by taking them into account.

We regularly hold training courses for our customers, typically related to the systems we deliver, which we arrange flexibly in each case tailored to the customer’s needs, and it is not uncommon for our customers to ask us to prepare them and their systems for a smooth inspection before an audit.