SIEM/SOAR/IAM solutions

The prominent player in our company’s portfolio is the IBM Security product line.

We participate in public procurement framework agreements for IBM products, thereby ensuring that we can also be available to our customers who are subject to centralized public procurement regarding the procurement of IBM software licenses and related services.


The IBM QRadar Security Intelligence platform combines previously separate functions from other vendors – including the areas of log management, SIEM, network behaviour analysis, security event management, risk and vulnerability management – thereby creating a unified, intelligent and automated security intelligence solution. The result is a unique “one-console” solution that enables security experts to discover attacks, which would not be possible with other solutions, consolidate data silos, uncover abuses within the company, evaluate security risks affecting the business process, and continuously comply with legal and other obligations.


IBM Security SOAR (formerly Resilient) is designed to enable security teams to confidently respond to security incidents, automate with support from external intelligence, and work with consistent collaboration.

It consolidates the existing incident management processes and codifies them into dynamic playbooks, which guide and help the resolution of incidents. It helps the team speed up and coordinate their response by adding intelligence to automate actions and integrate with other security tools. It also enables the incident management team to visualize and better understand security incidents so they can prioritize and act accordingly.

Key features of SOAR:

 In the near future, more and more emphasis will be placed on database protection (Gardium), our colleagues have high-level, up-to-date knowledge in this area as well. The integration and fusion of EDR/XDR/SIEM-SOAR solutions and the ways of thinking represented by different manufacturers make it essential that, in addition to IBM’s tools, we can simultaneously support the solutions of other manufacturers present at a high level in this category (Palo Alto, Trend Micro, Check Point, etc.), taking into account the needs of our customers.

IBM IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Identity and access management is an essential element of the security of a hybrid multi-cloud enterprise environment. Smart, state-of-the-art identity solutions provide a safe and easy experience for all user, device and data-related interactions, providing a basis for the application of the zero trust approach.

Assignment of rights, single sign-on from any device, increased security through multi-factor authentication, user lifecycle management, protection of privileged accounts and many more options provided by IBM IAM.