Through the collaboration of recommended products, threats can be effectively identified and blocked both on the network and at the end point. And any malware detected as a result of content analysis performed by local or cloud Sandbox can be blocked by all components.

However, defending against the advanced theats of today is unfortunately not so trivial, as one of the peculiarities of our time is that, in addition to massive attacks, more advanced methods of attack appear more and more often.

The requirement specification performed at our clients gave us the impression that companies require a complex system that can be found in almost every layer of the IT infrastructure and that the basic, common protection mechanisms can work with each other in a raising protection to a higher level. Inter-layer communication makes it easier to detect targeted attacks, the peculiarity of which is that they try to get through the different layers in a hidden way and thus avoid being noticed. However, if a layer alone does not indicate a serious threat to the operating administrators, a complex system can detect correlations, analyse them and treat the sequence of affected events as a single incident.

This operation is implemented in the so-called EDR/XDR solutions, the main elements of which include:

Such a complex solution makes attacks against organizations much more transparent, and in the case of properly tuned blocking, according to our experience, it reduces the load to a great extent, since the requests no longer even reach the target devices. Of course, these solutions are now available and can be implemented built on a cloud environment in almost every vendor’s portfolio.