The security services provided by our company, built on the solutions of several vendors, cover a wide range of security solutions available on the market, aligning with increasingly complex requirements.

The occurrence of complex, layered attacks is becoming more and more common in cyber-attacks, and in view of this, our experts work with EDR/XDR (ATP) solutions that provide high-level and layered protection.

To protect the perimeter of corporate networks, the use of firewalls in the classical sense is clearly not sufficient. Our company implements market-leading web security proxy and isolation solutions offered by Broadcom/Symantec in the internal network of our customers in a physical, virtual architecture or as a cloud service according to the needs of our customers. In terms of firewalls, we build a line of protection for customers based on state-of-the-art solutions from Palo Alto and Check Point (NGFW).

In addition to web security services, the deployment of reliable endpoint protection systems in an enterprise environment is of paramount importance.  With the help of technologies developed for endpoint protection from different vendors, it is targeted and highly effective against possible attacks.

We recommend and implement the introduction of SIEM/SOAR systems for the efficient performance of tasks related to security incidents, and in addition to market-leading solutions, we also monitor the potential opportunities of several solutions that are even less common in Hungary.

The protection of corporate and personal data has received increasing emphasis in recent years, their security and monitoring represent enormous value from a business point of view, for which data loss prevention software (DLP) was created as a technological support.  Among these, we have years of in-depth experience with Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention system, a comprehensive and robust solution that has been proven on the market for years, with the application of which we have already successfully implemented a complete data loss prevention program for many of our customers.

In order to keep up with the attackers, our company is constantly developing and reviewing its own portfolio. Our principles include the ability to represent a narrow, but complete and high-quality portfolio and the related knowledge always precedes the current customer needs. To this end, our engineers take at least 2 accredited examinations and keep up to day for every solution of our preferred vendor. In addition, we try to capture all the opportunities (national and international conferences, trainings) that contribute to raising our expertise and the satisfaction of our customers.