The last couple of years have proven that cyber security incidents pose serious challenges not only for those involved in IT security, but also in everyday life. Continuous technological development facilitates the creation of more and more complex systems, but these capabilities can also be used by malicious parties, thus enabling many new types of threats to appear in cyberspace.

With more than 14 years of experience, our company not only responds effectively to these challenges, but also takes preventive action against them. In addition to the integration of various technologies, our team of experts covers the main IT security areas, and our specialists have the required knowledge and qualifications in relation to the solutions we propose. The prominent vendors partnership and support enable our customers to enjoy protection and security commensurate with the challenges of the age.

Whether it is implementations serving endpoint protection, embedded systems protection, or encryption procedures, our portfolio provides alternative options for representatives of multinational sectors and small businesses, as well as for operators of vital system components.

In addition to the integration of security solutions, we also provide IT security consulting for our customers, which also covers the scope of incident management.  Our many years of professional experience enable us to conduct professional audits for institutions with large equipment or for small and medium-sized enterprises in the light of legal or standard compliance, and to effectively reduce the extent of revealed deficiencies and risks.

We believe and profess that IT security is not a mandatory, unpleasant and inconvenient obligation, in the event that it forms an inconspicuous but agile line of defense in addition to effective work in accordance with the requirements of the age.