Identity Management (IDM)

On implementing an IDM solution, an excellent, cutting-edge application is necessary but not sufficient for a successful implementation it is very important the experience of the implementation professionals who know the characteristics, pitfalls, and success factors of IDM implementation. This way to ensure that the IDM systems corresponding to the original goals are introduced, which systems serve the company’s business objectives in the long term.

CDSYS has developed the one of the largest expert base in the field of Identity Management in our country, our experts have the high level of professional knowledge and experience that guarantees the success of the introduction of the Identity Management system. The successfully completed and currently ongoing projects prove our knowledge and competence

The new software and software systems implementation on various customers prove our expertise and the measurable fulfilment of the defined goals the continuous enforcement of quality and the effective management of risks.

Our highly qualified colleagues have the professional, methodological knowledge and experience required to implement IDM systems.

They are experienced in introducing new software and integrate software systems to various customers and different size organisations. All these factors combine to ensure that our clients can achieve their goals in a measurable way, the quality is maintained and that risks are managed effectively.

Advantages of the IDM system:

Creating and maintaining IT security is an increasingly important task nowadays due to the dependence of companies and institutions on IT. Existing solutions focus mainly on protection against external attacks and do not sufficiently address the threat of internal attacks, even though statistics show that a significant proportion of IT attacks up to 80% come from internal threats, in traditionally more secure believed environments such as financial institutions and insurance companies up to 90% can come from internal threats.

One effective way to protect against insider attacks is to centralise the rights and user management by implementing an Identity Management system. This helps to maintain and establish the desired state of user rights and accesses continuously and accurately, and to track changes that occur, with a particular focus on legitimate or illegitimate changes.

Accordingly, the Identity Management system provides a solution for managing the permissions of users of IT systems and applications. It support user lifecycle processes from the moment users enter the organization through their daily identity activities until to leave organization and covers the setting, modification and removal of permissions on all integrated IT resources and applications.

Identity Management can greatly increase the level of IT security, prevent potential malicious damage from inappropriate privileges or misuse, and help to achieve effective auditability and accountability through accurate record-keeping and traceability.