Identity and Access Management (IAM)

One effective way to protect against internal attacks is central authorization and user management by introducing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, which can be used to continuously and precisely maintain the desired status of user and establish authorizations and accesses to applications. The IAM systems follow the changes that have taken place can be tracked, paying special attention to their legitimate or illegitimate changes.

CDSYS boasts one of the largest Identity Management expert team in our country. The qualified employees have the high level of professional and methodological knowledge with many years of experience that guarantees the success of the introduction of IAM systems. The successfully completed and currently ongoing projects prove our knowledge and competence.

The new software and software systems implementation on various customers prove our expertise and the measurable fulfilment of the defined goals the continuous enforcement of quality and the effective management of risks. The organizations which employing more than 500-1000 people the use of IAM systems has been recommended so far too. It has provided great helping transparent, regulated, enforced IT environments that always keep in mind the existence of necessary and sufficient rights.

However, thanks to the digital transformations in the small and medium-sized organizations and the increasingly integration of cloud-based services into the corporate environments the expected range of IAM customers will expand to a large extent, furthermore the existing systems will be expanded with new features and target systems.